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HomePay successfully certified at EMV Level 2

HomePay, the in-home Chip & PIN payment device from Secure Electrans, has been successfully certified as EMV Level 2 by RFI Global.

Less than a month since the announcement of HomePay’s EMV Level 1 certification, Secure Electrans are delighted to announce that HomePay has now been successfully certified at EMV Level 2, which covers payment application selection and Chip&PIN financial transaction processing.

The swift succession from EMV Level 1 to EMV Level 2 is tremendously encouraging for Secure Electrans, its strategic partners and accreditation body RFI and enables the HomePay service to move forward to the planned 2012 UK consumer roll out.

“Successful completion of both EMV Level 1 & 2 in less than 3 months is a fantastic achievement for the HomePay team. We are extremely pleased that both certifications were achieved first time, demonstrating the robustness of the HomePay design and development process,” said Director of IT & Operations, Chris Jarman.

The HomePay device replicates the familiar retail experience, but in the home with existing EMV Bank Chip Cards & PINs, extending the same high level of security to online shopping, mobile payments, home banking, utility meter and other Top-Ups. In addition, an integrated suite of bespoke web, cryptographic, analysis and payments processing services supports HomePay ensuring strong authentication and data confidentiality.

Posted on 16/11/2011 by Secure Electrans Communications Dept.